A take on sports card designs…then and now.

Upper Deck

I know this was going to be about card design, and it will be.  But there is a situation going on right now that may effect the whole idea around this blog.  It was announced last week that Upper Deck would not be allowed to produced licensed football cards this year.  UD already is out on basketball and baseball.  Upper Deck to me has been the pinnacle of card quality and design ever since I could remember.  When I was a kid, there was Topps and that was it.  I am not going to hate on Topps.  There designs now are pretty weak and looking back, they always have been.   You know what….I’ll stop there.  I’m going to post on Topps in a couple days.

Anyway, UD won’t be around for football season and there is a chance they wont be around for anything else ever again.  I, for one, think this is aweful for the hobby and industry.  Card collecting is as big now as it was when I was a kid.  Like all things it has shifted forms and now lies in internet form for the most part.  Upper Deck leads the way each year in my opinion in the products it puts out.  I sincerely hope that they manage to right the ship and produce cards again very very soon.  If not, this may be the end of my collecting days as well….


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