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Topps Supreme Base and Parallels

First off, I want to discuss the design of 2010 Topps Supreme base.  I’m going to use my favorite player, Marques Colston, as an example.  Shocker.  I think the design is good.  Not great.  For a set labeled ‘Supreme’, I can see where they are trying to make it look like an elite card.  I think this was best pulled off by Topps 5 Star, aka UD Exquisite.  Did I say that?  Oops.  They both look awesome, moving on.  Gold background: A.  Very well done.  Player framing and font:  A.  Also well done.  However the pattern on the outside of the framing is what throws me.  Is it a curtain?  Is it meant to be just a design?  I think where Topps could have done better is if they would have put subtle changes in the color from panel to panel. This comes off weird to me.  It looks like human tissue without skin.  Sorry Topps, didn’t score well on this part.  F.

Now the issue of parallels in this set.  What happened to the days of having base cards be chase cards?  Why can’t they simply make a short run of a player?  Is it really a short run when this happens?

What’s to brag about if you pull these?  If you have one to /200 something, one to /62 on to /10 so on and so on, what makes this fun to collect?  “Oh, I have the same card as you except mine is green and labeled to 10.  Yours is just blue and labeled to 60′.  I mean really?  This should really stop.  I’m in complete agreement with SCU on the issue of parallels.


Blog Bat Around – Shopping Spree

I’m pretty excited for this post.  It’s been an awefully long time since I thought of the shopping sprees when I was a child.   I grew up mainly in the era of the big Nickelodeon giveaways and always wanted to do one.  I obviously did not get the chance.  I won’t sit here and write a story on what I would buy.  Instead, I’m going to take the list approach.  It’s probably the easiest way.

$5,000 – Every Ken Griffey JR rookie card produced, in Mint condition.  Junior was the most exciting player to me when I was in my prime of both collecting and playing baseball.  I was never able to land a rookie card of his in a pack back then.  If given the chance, I would buy everyone one of them off of eBay right now, without batting an eye.  The cards represent an extremely happy time of my life.  You know, back when everything was pure and innocent.

$3,000 – Adrian Peterson 2007 Exquisite Rookie Patch Auto.   Adrian Peterson is without a doubt an amazing amazing running back.  When I worked in college football I got a chance to see him play many times, in a way the average fan can’t.  Having the best rookie card of his would be an awesome thing to possess.

$20,000 – $30,000 – Every Topps complete baseball set.  There is something to be said about a Topps baseball card.  I realize that Upper Deck makes the best quality cards today, but Topps has been around almost from the beginning.  When I think of baseball cards, I immediately think of Topps.  Topps cards bring me back to my childhood at Millerville Academy in Baton Rouge, LA.  It was there that I discovered both sports and cards.  I distinctly remember the Topps set with the woodgrain borders.  We would trade our Wally Joyner and Ozzie Smith cards like they were gold.  I’m also reminded of a time at my great grandmother’s house in Burnet, TX when I was about 12.  My cousin and I would walk across the street to the store to buy the Topps Multi Jumbo packs.  I would just stare at the cards.  It was almost like I could hear the game being played.  To me, Topps baseball cards are more than just baseball cards.  They feel like a piece of my life.  If I could, I would own them all.

$10,000 – Every Marques Colston card on eBay.  Colston is my favorite player from the New Orleans Saints.  But it’s more than that.  This is a guy that you never hear of him off the field with any issues at all.  He is also part of the rebuilding of New Orleans, South Louisiana and our beloved Saints.  I enjoy the Saints and Marques Colston more than I could ever type in this brief post about cards.

The rest I would donate to the ‘Save Upper Deck’ fund ;-).

Upper Deck

I know this was going to be about card design, and it will be.  But there is a situation going on right now that may effect the whole idea around this blog.  It was announced last week that Upper Deck would not be allowed to produced licensed football cards this year.  UD already is out on basketball and baseball.  Upper Deck to me has been the pinnacle of card quality and design ever since I could remember.  When I was a kid, there was Topps and that was it.  I am not going to hate on Topps.  There designs now are pretty weak and looking back, they always have been.   You know what….I’ll stop there.  I’m going to post on Topps in a couple days.

Anyway, UD won’t be around for football season and there is a chance they wont be around for anything else ever again.  I, for one, think this is aweful for the hobby and industry.  Card collecting is as big now as it was when I was a kid.  Like all things it has shifted forms and now lies in internet form for the most part.  Upper Deck leads the way each year in my opinion in the products it puts out.  I sincerely hope that they manage to right the ship and produce cards again very very soon.  If not, this may be the end of my collecting days as well….


….I have some blogging to do. I want to chime in on this Upper Deck situation soon.

I Did It

Yep, I did it, I started a card blog.  I wanted to make my blog a more specialized blog, however.  I’m a photographer, video editor and designer by trade, so I figured I would start a blog devoted to the design of cards (or at least my opinion).  I want to focus on the good, the bad, the goofy and what the trends might be or have been.  I want this to be a fun blog and not a blog that gets into bashing products or stirring up controversy.   Don’t get me wrong, controversy sells and I sure like reading it.  I just dont want to write it.  Anyway, I’ll be back in a few with my first ‘article’.  Until then, feel free to visit the links on the right hand side.

Sidenote:  This is a free wordpress theme.  I don’t too much care for it but I didn’t want to design my own custom blog layout until I knew this would take off.