A take on sports card designs…then and now.


Topps Supreme Base and Parallels

First off, I want to discuss the design of 2010 Topps Supreme base.  I’m going to use my favorite player, Marques Colston, as an example.  Shocker.  I think the design is good.  Not great.  For a set labeled ‘Supreme’, I can see where they are trying to make it look like an elite card.  I think this was best pulled off by Topps 5 Star, aka UD Exquisite.  Did I say that?  Oops.  They both look awesome, moving on.  Gold background: A.  Very well done.  Player framing and font:  A.  Also well done.  However the pattern on the outside of the framing is what throws me.  Is it a curtain?  Is it meant to be just a design?  I think where Topps could have done better is if they would have put subtle changes in the color from panel to panel. This comes off weird to me.  It looks like human tissue without skin.  Sorry Topps, didn’t score well on this part.  F.

Now the issue of parallels in this set.  What happened to the days of having base cards be chase cards?  Why can’t they simply make a short run of a player?  Is it really a short run when this happens?

What’s to brag about if you pull these?  If you have one to /200 something, one to /62 on to /10 so on and so on, what makes this fun to collect?  “Oh, I have the same card as you except mine is green and labeled to 10.  Yours is just blue and labeled to 60′.  I mean really?  This should really stop.  I’m in complete agreement with SCU on the issue of parallels.